Aleds Power Systems feels pleasure to offer to you the Dealership of Aleds Hydrogen Gas Kit, subject to the following terms and criteria.

  • The company must have an established network for automobiles or other automobile products in the district and possess sound financial position and excellent performance records.

Offer for dealership:

  • The security deposit as described above will be interest free and refundable upon termination of the dealership.

Territory and Rights:
  • The distributorship will be awarded for sole marketing rights for each district within the state of Gujarat.
  • Geographical territory will be identical as declared by the Government as the district boundaries from time to time.
  • The dealer shall have rights to appoint sub-dealers within the relevant district.
  • The Company offers discount as stated above in accordance of their selection of dealership criteria on the Maximum Retail Price to the dealer.
  • The company passes on the rights to the dealer to decide on the percentage of the commission to their sub-dealers.
  • The company shall not appoint any sub-dealer directly within the district. However, any dealer/sub-dealer appointed by the company directly prior to the date of contract of dealership shall be accommodated by the distributor under his network. The terms and condition with such dealer/sub-dealer will be subject to and in conformity with the terms decided by the dealer.

Terms of Delivery:
  • On receipt of security amount the dealer will have to place a confirmed order in accordance of the criteria chosen by him along with 100 % advance payment for the discounted price.
  • The goods will be supplied with retail packaging.
  • The company shall make the transportation on ‘TO PAY’ basis up to the central warehouse of the dealer. The company shall dispatch the goods to the address of the central warehouse of the dealer at one place only. Deliveries at multiple places will not be entertained.
  • The dealer will be bound to maintain the minimum stock equivalent to the selected criteria. At the end of every calendar month, he has to place a fresh order for the short fall in the stock at his central warehouse.

Price and Performance:
  • The goods are strictly to be sold at the Maximum Retail Price decided by the company. Neither the dealer nor his sub-dealer is permitted to sell the goods at the price exceeding the Maximum Retail Price.
  • The dealer is bound to make a turnover of twice the kits as per his criteria per calendar month. However, necessary relaxation will be granted for beginning period.
  • The goods once delivered will not be returned. In case of closure of the agreement, settlements will be made in the form of goods only.
  • The dealer will be bound for not to undertake or enter in contract with any other company / person for similar rights for similar product(s) in future that harms the interests of our company during the contract period.

Product and Product Warranty:
  • The company at present has introduced the above kit which is suitable for the vehicles up to 2400 CC engines running on Petrol/Diesel/CNG/LPG.
  • Higher capacity kits shall be introduced shortly. The dealer shall automatically be entitled to sell those future models within this agreement.
  • The company shall supply the kit with adequate wiring harness. Fitting clamps, screws or other consumables shall be arranged and bear the cost of the same by the dealer.
  • The company offers one year warranty for flawless performance of the product expecting regular refilling and genuine maintenance of the kit. The warranty ceases in case of mishandling or external damage to the vehicle system resulting in to the failure of the performance of the kit.

Company Support:
  • The company shall provide necessary promotional materials such as catalogues and hand bills etc. for promotion of the product in adequate quantity but fairly based on the performance of the distributor.
  • The company shall provide training to the representative of the distributor at the registered office of the company. However, no lodging-boarding shall be borne by the company.

  • The contract for sole dealership shall initially be awarded for the period of one year and obviously subject to the performance.
  • On achieving satisfactory performance the contract shall be extended for the mutually agreed period.
  • Termination of the contract may be effected by giving one month’s prior legal notice to the either party.

Legal formalities:
  • A suitable legal agreement comprising above terms as well other formal terms mutually agreeable, shall be executed with the winning company.


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